Interview With Robert Creeley

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>>This previously-unpublished and wide-ranging interview with Robert Creeley took place in May, 1998, in Buffalo. In his inimitable and digressive style, Creeley offers assessments and remembrances of Ezra Pound, Charles Olson, Edwin Arlington Robinson, John Barths, and others. He talks about myths and mythos, meeting his wife Penelope Creeley, the political potential of poetry, and the intricacies of the English Department at the University at Buffalo, as well as a practical, applicable, and absolutely accessible sense of how one might proceed as a writer. Includes an introductory note by the interviewer, Brent Cunningham.<<

>>Robert Creeley (1926-2005) was a man of many words and works.<<

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>>"If ever you need a one-volume demonstration of why an oral interview later set into print is superior, by far, to one conducted by correspondence or email, this is your book"--Ron Silliman.

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