At All: Tom Raworth & His Collages
by Norma Cole

34pp >> $10.00 >>printed in an edition of 150 in April of 2006

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>>A poetic consideration of Raworth's collages, as well as a meditation on thought and play in visual art, by one of the great poets & translators of recent decades.<<

>>"In this gorgeously produced inaugural title from Hooke Press, Cole - herself a visual artist as well as a poet - presents a commonplace book assembled around her thinking through the collage work of fellow poet Tom Raworth. Quotations from art critics, poets, visual artists, scientists, and several from Raworth himself, are threaded together with Cole's investigative lyrics into a kind of cerebral celebration. The poetry Cole includes is not so much a description of its subject as it is an attempt to think alongside it, to articulate some of the possible ways in which meaning is produced, rather than corralling such a production into any one definitive space." - Noah Eli Gordon in Rain Taxi.<<

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