Seven for Boetticher & Other Poems
Rodney Koeneke

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>>Vulnerability, prosody, and a beguiling rhetorical performance meet up like an Old West posse in Seven for Boetticher & Other Poems. Are they going after a bandit or the sherriff?  Or are they trying to jump genres entirely and just take down the king? A touch shorter than some of Koeneke's other published poems, yet equally formed, these small wonders manage (by some magic) to always feel casual and heartfelt. "The books are unpleasant," Rodney writes at one point, but it's pretty clear he only means the unpleasant books--and this definitely isn't one of them.<<

>>Rodney Koeneke lives in Portland, Ore. He's the author of Erutria, Musee Mechanique, and Rouge State.<<