Pink Tie
Tyrone Williams

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>>In this deeply moving eulogy for his longtime friend, Peter Ross, who committed suicide in 2002, Tyrone Williams has written more than a simple remembrance.  Describing a friendship inextricable from the conditions of both their lives, he takes a hard, reflective look at the inherent contradictions involved in being midwestern, politically radical, artistic, and male.  Falling into a non-genre somewhere between eulogy, autobiography, cultural philosophy, and poetic rumination, the book is perhaps most consistently concerned with seeking out what writing and art are good for in the face of such a tragic event.  While it has no answer, it radiates the belief that poetic thinking, if it is to have any meaning at all, must continually try to address circumstances commonly considered too real for words.<<

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>>Tyrone Williams is also the author of four books of poetry, c.c. (Krupskya, 2002), On Spec (Omindawn Publishing, 2008), The Hero Project of the Century (Backwaters Press, 2009), and Howell (Atelos, 2011).  Find his website here.<<